Wanted Your Goods Movement Congestion Stories

In last month’s Speech from the Throne, the new government of Premier Kathlyn Wynne acknowledged the role that transportation infrastructure plays in the Ontario Economy. For those who are concerned about goods movement in particular it was heartening to hear the government’s commitment to “address the need for improvements to rural roads and bridges, suburban transit, and a solution to the gridlock that threatens to cripple the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.”    The Southern Ontario Gateway Council, a transportation forum that represents all transportation modes,  has been long advocating that transportation is about moving people AND goods. In our view, while there has been progress in recognizing the role of goods movement in the economy of Canada there still  is insufficient attention to improving goods movement and trucking by ensuring that the highways and roads are seen as a priority and get a significant share of available government budgets.

With the recent changes in government, SOGC plans to convey some strong real world messages about the growing problems that truckers and trucking companies are facing more and more every day. Government decision-makers and politicians need to hear first-hand about these situations and their consequences for jobs, businesses and the economy. SOGC would like to deliver these messages on your behalf.

We need your support to tell these stories, so the Southern Ontario Gateway Council is asking trucking executives and truckers for specific examples of extreme situations in which you find yourself or your drivers.  Specifically:

  • Give one or more examples of the worst delays your trucks have faced on Ontario highways, major roads or terminals. What were the causes (eg. major bottleneck in the highway/road/terminal system, accident, rush hour overload etc.)? What was the duration of the delay? What were the consequences of the delay (such as missed delivery deadlines, late penalties, wasted driver time, fewer deliveries per truck, drivers quitting in frustration, lost customers etc..
  • What is the collective impact of these incidents on your operations and the survival of your business?
  • are there other serious problems as a result of government decisions, inaction or policies?

Please e-mail your comments to bestj@interlynx.net

We believe your stories can make a major difference. At SOGC meetings we have observed that when truckers speak they have instant credibility and their stories hit home and get action. Please take a few minutes to respond by return email. You will be making a contribution by giving a voice to the goods movement industry and helping to make needed improvements on behalf of your trucking colleagues! Please pass this request on to anyone who may wish to comment

For more information on SOGC and its work on behalf of goods movement, visit www.gatewaycouncil.ca.