WABCO Introduces OnGuardACTIVE Collision Mitigation System to North America

WABCO has launched its most advanced Collision Mitigation System (CMS) for trucks and buses in North America. WABCO’s OnGuardACTIVE features superior radar and is effective in all seasons. The announcement was made during the 2015 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) held from March 26-28, 2015 in Louisville.

WABCO’s OnGuardACTIVE utilizes a powerful 77GHz radar sensor that maintains the system’s high performance in all weather conditions. Its superior performance is particularly vital in poor visibility situations such as white outs, heavy rain, dense fog, blinding sunshine or night time driving when camera-based sensors used on other collision mitigation systems may be impaired.

OnGuardACTIVE’s radar offers up to five times higher bandwidth than 24GHz radar-based collision mitigation systems available in the market. The system’s dual mode function addresses both long range and adjacent lane views. This enables higher accuracy in object detection, and a more than 30 percent longer range than alternative systems. It is capable of analyzing traffic up to 650 feet ahead, thus recognizing impending critical driving situations earlier.

WABCO’s OnGuardACTIVE alerts the driver to potentially critical driving situations via acoustic, visual and haptic signals. Should the vehicle operator fail to take corrective action, the system provides active braking on moving, stopping and stationary vehicles to mitigate or prevent impending rear-end collisons. It is capable of delivering up to full braking on moving and stopping vehicles and can bring the vehicle to a complete stop. It can also deliver partial braking on stationary vehicles.

OnGuardACTIVE will be sold and supported in North America by Meritor WABCO.