Remote Panels Enable Greater Access to Carrier Transicold Refrigeration Unit Controls

Carrier Transicold’s new APX™ remote panels add convenience and efficiency for refrigerated transport operations by placing trailer refrigeration controls in locations more easily accessible to operators.

The remote panels are available in two configurations: “flush-mount,” designed for mounting inside the trailer near the rear doors, and “surface-mount” for use on trailer exteriors. Flush-mount panels are especially useful at distribution centers, where personnel can configure the refrigeration unit control by walking into the trailer from a loading dock. Surface-mount panels provide similar practicality and are typically mounted near the front of the trailer, opposite the main unit control located behind the driver, providing safer curbside access for the operator when the rig is parked along a traffic corridor.

“Remote panels provide the ability to control the refrigeration system from secondary locations that are more convenient for drivers and distribution operations,” said Mark Fragnito, product manager, Carrier Transicold.

The remote panels include the same dashboard display – a large, backlit screen, flanked by labeled control buttons and menu keys – that makes operation easy and intuitive.

Easy to install, the new remote panels incorporate the same plug-and-play control architecture of Carrier Transicold’s latest units by using CAN bus communications protocols. This makes installation much simpler and reliable since it requires only four wires – far fewer than remote panels made for older generation trailer refrigeration units. APX remote panels can be specified as part of new equipment purchases or can be added to units already in the field.