OTA launches mentorship & empowerment program for women in trucking sector

The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) has introduced its new Taking the Stage leadership and mentorship program for women within the trucking industry. The program is designed as a platform to allow women to connect and engage and continue developing leadership skills while simultaneously strengthening the future leadership of our sector.

This program is custom designed and facilitated by The Humphrey Group, which has run OTA’s Next Generation Program for a decade. The program will provide a purpose-built space for women to come together to enhance their leadership skills, and allow them to:

Image : OTA news release
  • Develop their own leadership identity within the workplace.
  • Develop methodology designed to unleash their authentic self.
  • Unlock methods to develop and distinguish their presence.
  • Continue growing your network through relationship building.

A major component of this program will be a focus on mentorship, which has been consistently identified as a key need for emerging leaders within the trucking sector. Mentorship provides invaluable guidance, fosters professional growth, and helps to accelerate career development through personalized support and sharing experiences.