New Trucking HR Canada tools unveiled to help employ refugees

Trucking HR Canada has today unveiled a series of free resources for fleets looking to employ newcomers to Canada such as Syrian refugees.

Your Guide to Human Resources: Module 4 offers information on how to develop a welcoming and diverse workplace, and is now offered as a free download at  Also offered for free is a guide on creating easy-to-read documents, which will be particularly important when working with people who have limited English language skills.

“Considering the sheer number of new Canadians who are arriving, we think it is important to give trucking employers access to recently updated materials that support onboarding and integration,” said Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada.

Creating diverse workplaces is already one of the best practices demonstrated by fleets looking to address the intensifying shortage of drivers. Examples can be seen by initiatives already put to work by 90% of the workplaces recognized in this year’s Top Fleet Employers program.

Also included at is a link to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, complete with contact information for every Immigrant Serving Organization (ISO) in the country, helping Canada’s newest workers integrate into their communities.

“Our industry needs to take every possible step to ensure that newcomers are guided through reputable training and employment options, and to ensure they are retained within the industry once they choose to follow a career path in trucking,” Splinter said. “We know that newcomers from a variety of backgrounds will play a vital role in addressing the intensifying shortage of drivers and other personnel.”

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