Mack Introduces its Mack mDRIVE HD in Titan by Mack Model

Adding to its increasing lineup of models featuring the highly fuel-efficient Mack mDRIVE automated manual transmission, Mack Trucks announced during the 2015 National Heavy Equipment Show in Toronto that the mDRIVE HD is now available and standard in the Titan by Mack model.

The mDRIVE HD offers improved performance for demanding on- and off-road applications. The mDRIVE HD in the Titan is compatible up to 2,060 lb.-ft. of torque, 515 to 605 horsepower and integrates seamlessly with the powerful Mack MP10 engine. It monitors changes in grade (both up and down), vehicle speed, throttle position, acceleration, torque demand and gross vehicle weight. It automatically chooses the best gear for the road condition, allowing drivers to focus on the terrain rather than shifting gears, increasing safety on worksites.

          Other salient features include:

  • The mDRIVE HD is lightweight.
  • It features reinforced internal components.
  • The mDRIVE HD uses a transmission-mounted oil cooler.
  • Unique software packages, specific to the customer application, are available with the mDRIVE HD.
  • It features Grade Gripper.