MACK GuardDog Connect Unleashed

Mack Trucks has launched MACK GuardDog Connect, a telematics solution built upon the existing MACK GuardDog maintenance monitoring system, keeping wheels and revenues rolling by strengthening communication among the truck, driver, customer and dealer.

GuardDog Connect enables quick diagnosis of issues, proactive scheduling for repairs and confirmation that needed parts are in stock and ready to install, all while the truck is still on the job.

“We at Mack are committed to having our customers’ backs,” said John Walsh, Mack vice president of marketing. “Our new telematics-based solution, GuardDog Connect, clearly demonstrates our determination to ensure that our customers keep their trucks on the road where they should be.”

Like a true watch dog, the GuardDog maintenance monitoring system keeps an eye on the truck and makes the driver aware of potential issues. If the situation is something like a clogged filter, low fluid level or upcoming recommended service interval, GuardDog sends a message to the driver via the MACK Co-Pilot display on the dash.

The new GuardDog Connect solution, which is fully integrated into the truck when manufactured, kicks in should a more serious situation be detected.  This triggers a series of events that starts with an automatic alert to MACK OneCall, Mack’s 24/7 customer support center staffed by trained support specialists. Upon receiving the notification and while the driver continues working, the Mack OneCall team immediately evaluates the situation.  A case is opened in the MACK ASIST web-based fleet service management platform, the owner or fleet service manager is contacted and the repair planning process begins through a customer-chosen dealer. This process includes verification that a bay and the necessary parts are available while Mack OneCall electronically sends repair instructions to the dealer. Every step of the process happens within minutes of the initial GuardDog Connect heads-up and is constantly managed by Mack OneCall. The end result is that technicians are fully prepared when the truck arrives, getting the customer back on the road faster.

“Customers have enough on their minds today without having to worry about the time it takes to diagnose a problem with their vehicle, and get the situation addressed,” Walsh said. “GuardDog Connect simplifies the repair process for drivers and fleet managers, combining purposeful telematics technology with the know-how of the Mack support network to keep customers rolling.”

GuardDog Connect will come standard and free of charge for two years on Model Year 2015 MACK Pinnacle, Titan by MACK and MACK Granite models scheduled to roll out in January 2014.