Luber-finer Launches Heavy-Duty TRT Oil Filter Line & Value Calculator

Luber-finer oil filters has announced the launch of its new line of Heavy-Duty Time Release Technology (TRT) Oil Filters. Designed to go beyond filtration, Luber-finer TRT oil filters provide users with an oil management system that helps maintain oil quality and reduce maintenance costs associated with oil-change intervals.

Design changes in emission-controlled, heavy-duty diesel engines have placed increased stress on engine oil. Luber-finer TRT oil filters have been specifically engineered to help reduce escalating fleet-maintenance costs and help heavy-duty fleets extend oil-change intervals by increasing the protection against oil degradation in modern diesel engines. Luber-finer TRT oil filters provide a controlled release of a specially formulated, highly concentrated liquid additive into the oil supply, helping the oil maintain its quality longer. To optimize the benefits of this additive package, Luber-finer TRT oil filters deploy a patent-pending release mechanism, which dispenses the additive in a linear manner to help combat harmful acids that build up over time.

In addition to releasing its line of TRT oil filters, the Luber-finer team is also launching its new oil filter TRT Value Calculator. Found at, it has been designed to help fleet managers better understand current maintenance costs associated with oil changes and determine their potential fleet savings by effectively using TRT filtration products in the Luber-finer product line.