Loadlink’s Canadian Spot market achieves 47% increase in load volumes to kick off 2024

Loadlink Technologies has announced a 47% surge in load volumes in January compared to December. This milestone marks the highest monthly load volumes since March 2023, reflecting a positive trend in the industry.

In addition to the load volumes, truck volumes also demonstrated momentum with a modest 4% increase from December, signaling a strong and resilient freight market.

2024 January Freight Index (Source: Loadlink)

Outbound Cross-border Activity:

Load postings experienced a 12% increase month over month, coupled with a 16% growth in equipment postings.

Inbound Cross-border Activity:

A 110% spike in loads posted in January compared to December highlighted the strength of inbound cross-border activity.

Truck postings had a  6% dip month over month, a positive indicator of a strengthening freight market.

Intra-Canadian Activity:

January witnessed a 20% increase in load postings and a 7% rise in truck postings compared to December 2023.

Average Truck-to-Load Ratios:

In January, the truck-to-load ratio improved, reaching 2.61 trucks for every load posted. This marked a 29% improvement from December 2023 and was superior to any month in the latter half of 2023, signaling a positive shift in the market.