Largest Natural Gas Fleet Fuelling Station and Operation in Canada Open to Public

Helping to cut the grand opening ribbon (left to right) Patrick Van Dehy, GAIN Clean Fuel; Mississauga Councillor Carolyn Parrish; Peel Region Chairman Frank Dale; Emterra Group Founder and CEO, Emmie Leung; Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Glen Murray; GAIN Business Development Manager, Marc-Andre Paquin; C.A.T. President, Daniel Goyette; Canadian Trucking Alliance CEO, David Bradley; VP of Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Paulina Leung; and Emterra General Manager Peel Division, Mike Rende.

The Emterra Group officially opened its fourth state-of-the-art compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling station in Canada on October 26th. This is the largest CNG fuelling station in Canada open to the public.

Located at 1611 Britannia Road in Mississauga, the CNG fuelling station is a key part of Emterra’s new capability to provide recycling and waste collection services to a significant portion of the Region of Peel’s residents and businesses, with cleaner-burning, quieter-running, CNG-fuelled trucks.

Together, over 100 new CNG trucks to serve Peel Region, the fast fill CNG fuelling station, along with the purchase and upgrade of a heavy truck maintenance facility certified to CNG requirements represent a $50 million investment in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

“The ‘fast-fill’ station will be open to other fleets and operators of CNG vehicles, expanding opportunities for the transportation sector in and around the GTA to ‘go greener’ using a lower cost fuel, helping to make Ontario trucking businesses more competitive and sustainable,” said Emterra’s Founder and CEO Emmie Leung.

Emterra’s partners in the venture are GAIN Clean Fuel, a division of U.S. Venture Gain Fuel Canada of Appleton, Wisconsin and C.A.T. Inc. (formerly Canadian American Transportation, Inc.) of Quebec.

Ontario’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray applauded Emterra Group for doing their part to support a low carbon economy in Mississauga, one of Canada’s busiest transportation hubs.

CNG-fuelled trucks reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 20% and they run as much as 90% quieter compared to diesel-fuelled engines, substantially cutting noise pollution.

“The Region is dedicated to providing valuable service to the Peel community, in an environmentally-sound manner,” said Peel Region Chair Frank Dale, who also spoke at the event.