Government of Canada Supports Greater Efficiency in Trucking Industry Across the West

Government of Canada has announced $268,000 to support the Manitoba Trucking Association to provide western Canadian truck drivers and managers with skills training and technology demonstrations.

This investment, through the Western Diversification Program, will provide drivers and company managers with on-line and in-person skills training and knowledge transfer as well as technology demonstrations geared to encourage the adoption of the latest transportation technologies such as digital driver logs and logistics software. A web training portal will be established to house the training material and provide convenient access to drivers while “on the road” to enhance participation.

The Manitoba Trucking Association will develop the training materials in collaboration with their sister organizations in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Through this project, the trucking industry will move to a more unified and effective approach to training across the West and will see greater adoption of technology to improve productivity.

Quick Facts

— Three of Canada’s top 10 carriers are in Western Canada – two in Manitoba and one in Alberta.

— In the West, the trucking industry contributes $7.5 billion to the economy.

— The trucking industry moves 90 per cent of all consumer products and food within Canada and 60 per cent of trade with the United States, Canada’s largest trading partner.

— The Manitoba Trucking Association is a not-for-profit industry organization representing approximately 250 local companies employing 75 per cent of the long-haul/freight trucks licensed in Manitoba.