Freightliner Cascadia Evolution Surpasses 15,000 Orders

Freightliner Trucks has  announced that its 2014 Cascadia Evolution has surpassed more than 15,000 orders since the model’s start of production in March 2013.  The Cascadia Evolution is pacing the industry in terms of order intake for long-haul applications that demand the highest level of fuel efficiency.

Powered by the newly designed Detroit DD15 engine, the Cascadia Evolution features aerodynamic and efficiency improvements that deliver up to an additional 7 percent improvement in fuel economy over an EPA 2010-compliant Cascadia, and up to 5 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over the 2013 Cascadia with first-generation aerodynamic enhancements.

“Surpassing 15,000 orders highlights the demand from our top customers to acquire today’s vehicle benchmark in terms of fuel efficiency,” said David Hames, general manager, marketing and strategy, Daimler Trucks North America. “The Cascadia Evolution provides the industry a truck that pays immediate dividends by dramatically reducing overall total cost of ownership.”

With standard features that seamlessly combine the Cascadia’s already sleek profile with enhanced aerodynamics, the Cascadia Evolution incorporates several frontal area updates designed to improve airflow and aerodynamics including a new air dam, bumper closure and a hood-to-bumper fill.  The Cascadia Evolution also includes an improved windshield seal, elliptical-shaped aerodynamic mirrors and an integrated antenna. New wheel covers on the rear tandem axles, chassis side fairings and 20-inch side extenders further contribute to the truck’s efficiency.

Cooling enhancements include a 1,400 square-inch radiator, which features a revised baffling system and new radiator mounting design that contribute to improved cooling capacity and increased durability.

The Detroit Virtual Technician system – standard on the Cascadia Evolution – helps reduce downtime and decreases maintenance costs by providing real-time engine diagnostics, enabling drivers and fleet managers to quickly and accurately evaluate events, and in many cases allowing them to remain driving when others would have to stop to evaluate the event. It also minimizes time in the shop by almost eliminating the diagnostic time since it is completed when the truck arrives at the Detroit customer support center.

Detroit powertrain components, including the new Detroit DT12 Automated Manual transmission and Detroit Axles, can provide additional benefits that further contribute to the truck’s reliability, durability and performance.