Container Trucking Association of Ontario Launches Strike

The  Container Trucking Association of Ontario (CTAO) with more than 500 members have launched a GTA-wide strike at the parking lot of Dixie Sikh Temple (Derry/Dixie) in Mississauga.

The Association is demanding increase in rates, lower wait times at rail yards, and also want to be regulated and classified as skilled workers. Speaking with Road Today,  Jaswinder Brar, the Vice President of CTAO said that the rising costs of fuel, insurance and maintenance has made the business conditions unprofitable.

The protest is getting tremendous support from community leaders and with elections underway, almost all party candidates from the region have shown solidarity with protesting truckers.

Lobbying efforts and parleys are underway as the strike is bound to cause serious disruption in the shipping and transportation of goods in the region.