CN Drivers protest unsanitary washrooms and unsafe working conditions in Brampton

Members of Unifor Local 4003 who drive trucks to transport containers for Canadian National Transportation Limited held an information picket protesting unacceptable working conditions at the Brampton rail yard.

“This protest is about access to sanitary washrooms and respect in the workplace,” said Jerry Dias, Unifor National President. “Our members have had enough and are taking a stand against this employer.”

290 drivers say the portable washrooms they are expected to use have no running water or heat and they are not emptied or cleaned regularly. The independent owner-operators who are members of Local 4003 began an information picket four weeks ago. Union activists from across Ontario joined them in solidarity this afternoon.

“Other rail yard employees and managers have access to proper indoor washrooms,” said Kirandeep Gill, Local Chairperson who has worked for CNTL for 24 years in Brampton. “But the porta potties that we drivers must use are disgusting and unsafe, this has to stop”.

“The yard is congested and these drivers can be waiting to load for two hours and it is inhumane not to have access to proper washroom facilities,” said Wesley Gajda, Unifor Council 4000 Regional Representative.

Workers also shared concerns about other unsafe conditions at the rally.