7 clever car hacks for surviving winter


Winter country road leading through a mountain landscape.
Winter country road leading through a mountain landscape.

These smart tips will have you wondering why you ever hated winter driving in the first place.

  1. Face east. Remember that the sun rises in the east, so facing your car this way will let Mother Nature help you defrost it, saving you time and effort.
  2. Makeshift wiper blade covers. Hate having to unstick your wipers from a frozen windshield? Cover them with old socks before turning in for the night — they’re the perfect size and shape to protect them from snow and ice.
  3. Rethink common household items. Use cooking oil spray to lightly cover the rubber edges of your doors to keep them from freezing shut. Plastic bags are a great way to protect your mirrors, and a dab of hand sanitizer on your key or keyhole will melt ice.
  4. Fight corrosion from de-icing chemicals. Roads are being treated with increasingly harsh de-icing chemicals that damage the exterior and eventually compromise the structural integrity of your car. Rust protection from Krown is able to withstand high humidity, constant exposure to corrosive road salt, and abrasion from road dirt and debris. It’s also self-healing and is constantly creeping, remaining active to continuously repel moisture and keep it away from the metal surface.
  5. Thrive if stranded. Use kitty litter or floor mats to create traction for your tires if you get stuck. Keep a spare pair of socks in your glove compartment to put on over your fancy shoes for better grip if you need to walk in the snow.
  6. Increase visibility. Use toothpaste to clean your headlights and stand out in a storm.
  7. Have fun de-fogging. Spray some shaving cream on the inside of your windows and wipe clean to prevent fog — it has some of the same ingredients as commercial defoggers.