6 steps to protect your car from getting stolen

Having your car stolen can feel like a violation. It’s a terrible and overwhelming experience that can leave you feeling vulnerable. A rapid rise in auto thefts has been happening in Canada in the last couple of years. This increase is something that hasn’t been seen here before, and it’s not expected to slow down any time soon. Here are six things insurer Aviva Canada says you can do to protect your car from theft.

  1. Keep keys away from your door: When keys are close to the front door of your home, they are often within range for thieves to use a computing device to copy your electronic key and then steal your push-start vehicle.
  2. Store keys in an aluminum or metal box: These containers can disrupt the radio waves thieves use to copy your electronic key. This is a good option if you must keep your keys near the door.
  3. Lock your vehicle in the garage, if you can: Not only does storing your vehicle in a locked garage keep it safe from weather damage, it also makes the car harder for thieves to access. If you don’t have a garage, aim for a well-lit, well-trafficked spot if possible.
  4. Use a data port lock: This small cover prevents thieves from reprogramming your vehicle so they can drive off with it. The great thing about this step is that once it’s installed you can forget about it and leave your vehicle more secure.
  5. Install a tracking device: A discreet tracker can help you locate your vehicle in the event it does get stolen. Look for a wireless option that won’t go offline if systems in the car are cut or damaged.
  6. Make use of a steering wheel lock: Because a steering wheel lock is a visible piece of equipment – like a bicycle lock – it can be a significant deterrent to car thieves. Of course, it also makes it trickier for the thief to steal the vehicle.

If your vehicle does get stolen, contact the manufacturer or dealership to see if they can track it. Report the theft to police and your insurance company right away.

Find more tips and information to prevent vehicle fraud at aviva.ca. (NC)